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About Rashida Zayed Henry


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Do you feel like you're living in a permanent state of unhappiness? Knows No Face LLC is a mental health and wellness counseling and consulting company. As a licensed professional counselor, author and speaker, Rashida Henry developed this company with a natural desire to promote mental health awareness within the urban community. Knows No Face works with millennials between the ages of 21 and 38 who are confused about the next stage in their career, are seeking to overcome generational barriers and gain clarity on their purpose in life. Through individual counseling and support groups Knows No Face assists their clients in developing insight into that which is holding them back. Ms. Henry is the author of "Deliver Us From Darkness" a poetic memoir about her journey of overcoming seasons of depression and illuminating purpose. This book was inspired by Ms. Henry's passion for helping others and her desire to assist others in living out their full potential. For those teens who are interested in pursuing careers in mental health, Knows No Face LLC also offers short term mentorship for young men and women to assist them in identifying various career opportunities and educational tracks in the area of mental health and clinical counseling.  

In addition to Ms. Henry’s role as a counselor she serves as a clinical supervisor at a mental health treatment facility in Philadelphia that provides both therapy and case coordination services to a population of marginalized individuals diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. She is also an organizer for a faith-based network called “200 Women in Jeans” where she coordinates annual events to provide women with necessary tools to target them for a path of success both spiritually and professionally. Ms. Henry embraces reading, writing, traveling and spending time with family, all which have influenced her work as a therapist.

As a result of over ten years of experience in the mental health field she is consistently sought out with questions, resource inquiries and direction regarding individual and family challenges. She thus began facilitating community workshops at local libraries, churches and senior centers to bring information regarding mental health to the community with the goal of reducing opportunities for stigma. This information includes but is not limited to providing details on what symptoms to expect with various-mental health diagnosis, crisis management, ways to manage mental illness and implementation of self-care practices. The mission of Knows No Face has expanded to educating organizations statewide on the importance of promoting mental health awareness in the work place. Knows No Face LLC remains committed to assisting you in developing awareness to the fact that change is possible.  

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Our Mission

To provide counseling, psychoeducation and resources to the community. To ensure empowerment as to promote respect, acceptance and compassion for those who present with varied states of mental health therefore minimizing the stigma exhibited through the lack of understanding of individual differences. To decrease the disparities between mental health and other comparable health related issues that impact ones daily functioning.